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Revision management

Revision management is an addition to the ERP Helios iNuvio system. It enables You to define various parameters of electrical or other devices and than file the measured values in terms of revisions. This solution is suitable not only to fulfill the demands of norms set by law, but it is also possible to use it for internal revisions and for monitoring the state of machines and devices thanks to the possibility of a user set up of the parameters. You can save the measured values directly from site into an app on a mobile terminal. The data can than be transfered into a database using a wireless network.

About the system iNuvio

The revision management is a stand-alone module in the Helios interface. It comunicates with the Assets module, but it is also possible to supervise items that aren't filed in that category. In Helios You can load new assets, start revisions and enter the measured values. For entering values directly from site it is possible to use the app for mobile OS Android terminals. This data can than be transfered into a database using a wireless network. confidex čip

The revision management can be combined with labeling assets using RFID transponders and with assets inventarisation.

Main system functionalities

• Evidence of all devices, that go through revisions.

• The definition of parameters, that need to be supervised during revisions.

• Starting revisions and saving the measured values either from PC or by using the mobile app.

• Export of all the relevant entries into MS Excel and generating well-arranged forms in .pdf.