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LINmobile - Cloud system for laundry management


LINmobile is cloud system for management of laundry tagged by UHF transponders. This simple solution is intended especially for hotels, senior homes or industrial companies. LINmobile is suitable for customers, who want to keep a good track of using laundry, but who don´t utilize advanced funcionalities of information system LIN.

About systemsmart

This solution consists of 3 components:

1. A central database.

2. Web application for administration which can be set off from any web browser.

3. Client equipments for OS Android equipped with readers of UHF transponders which are used for work withchainway laundry - receiving, expedition, handover to particular persons or centres. These equipments could be either table terminals placed e.g. in laundry handover location, or mobile terminals e.g. for onventorying or quick getting information about particular piece of linen. Is also possible to combinec both types of equipments.

First two components of the system are hosted in cloud provided by our company. Our client doesn´t have to have their own server, for administration of application is not necessary to install any special software on customer´s computers. Client´s equipments with readers communicate with cloud via Internet.

Check short video here: zde.


Main functionalities of the system

Administration and management of assets, work clothes and work safety aids:

• Clearcut identification of every piece of laundry via UHF tranponder

• Establishment and elimination of laundry

• Evidence of recieving or expedition of linen in/out of laundry

• Assigning laundry to particular centres or persons

• Inventarization of laundry via mobile terminals

• Evidence of number of washing of every piece of linen

• Generation of summarizing sets - laundry of persons or centres, summary of washing after months, age of particular pieces of linen