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Camera system for person quantity tracking

This system works on basis of camera check and it enables the user to file and control the number of people in a closed area. Thanks to this it´s also suitable for ensuring the adhering of health precautions from the state such as max. number of people in closed area. The statistics from this system can also be further analysed for marketing purposes.

About system

This system works on basis of camera monitoring. On the ceiling of closed controlled area is placed camera equiped with artificial intelligence which is capable of personal recognition. This camera records quantity of entering and exitting from controlled area and svaes this data into it´s database. By the entrance of the controlled area is placed screen with "traffic lights" - if the number of persons in area is lower than setted limit screen lights green, if the limit is exceeded screen lights red and newcomers are not allowed to enter. Data are saved in camera and are accessible anytime online.

Main functionalitites of the system

  • Evidence of quantity of entering and exitting from controlled area, evidence of quantity of currently present persons
  • Possibility of setting specific zones in visual field of the camera which should (not) be controlled
  • Possibility of combination of more cameras and entrances
  • „Traffic lights“ on the screen by the entrance of controlled area which (not) allows persons to come in
  • Saving data into database and their usability for marketing analysis
person quantity