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Accounting services

Company DataExpert s.r.o. offers wide range of services in economic branch. 
We´re using ERP information system Helios iNuvio for accounting services. We can provide services adapted for individual needs of the customer.
  • Accounting administration
  • Administration of wages and HR management
  • Controlling
  • Reporting


  • loyalty in connection with discovered information
  • secreting of information in your company
  • expertise, creativity and complexity
  • customized ERP system and accounting services for one price
  • responsibility for the agenda
  • understandable and clear information essential for running business
  • cost reduction (ERP, consultations, training, own accounting expert/employee for accounting)
  • customized services

Models of provided services

  • complete outsorcing of accounting (including IS)
  • complete outsorcing of wages and HR (including IS)
  • complete outsorcing of controlling (including IS)
  • administration of accounting, wages and HR management or controlling services in ERP infromation system Helios iNuvio which is owned by customer
  • services of accounting expert
  • services of accountig assistent
  • supervision of accounting
  • services of controlling specialist
  • consulting

Standard procedure of communication with customer

Exchange of documents

Customers hand the documents over usually till 10 days from the end of the month or 10 days after the end of the quarter by VAT not-registered companies. Everything si individually arranged.


Documents administration

All documents are checked and invalid ones are eliminated. Everything is afterwards discussed with the customer to avoid any other mistakes in the future.


Guarantee of correctness

Company DataExpert s.r.o. is responsible for the quality of accounting administratiton, but not for truthfulness and correctness of the documents handed over. 


On-line consulting for regular customers

As a special service for regular customers offers DataExpert the on-line consulting (phone, fax, Skype).


One-time consultation

Except regular accounting administration is also possible to order one-time consultation but it´s necessary to send the order in advance with at least brief information about the area where is the consultation needed.