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Vending machines

Vending machines enable a self-service issuance of work clothes to employees as well as filing them.

About the system

Users/Employees that come to the RFID machine will present their card to the RFID reader, the system than triggers an answer using LED light which tells the person whether their card has been accepted or not. If the card is accepted, the system than opens an electronic lock in the doors. The employee than can take out their clothes labeled with an RFID chip and closes the machine. After this the vending machine will trigger a stock check , where it determines which clothes did the employee take out and it gets assigned to him. The filling of the machine will be administered with the use of a special access RFID card with the same procedure as stated before.

Each vending machine must be plugged-in to a grid with 230 V, and connected into a computer network LAN. The connection of the machines into the system of laundry evidence wil be done using driver on the main server at the desired location. The return of used laundry will be solved by using return (intake) machines with cages designed for dirty laundry.