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Cemetery graves administration

Cemetery graves administration is addition to ERP system Helios iNuvio which enables to make evidence of cemetery graves and their lease contracts, generate invoices to contracts and register incoming payments. This addition also enables to make avidence of the deceased persons, their assigning to graves, making orders of funerals etc.

About system

Cemetry graves administration is individual modul in Helis iNuvio. This modul communicates with modul Invoicing, where are generated invoices for grave places lease, and with moduls Cash and Bank, where are registered incoming payments of invoices. Accounting is made afterwards by standard instruments of Helios.


Main functionalities of the system

  • Evidence of all grave places and their lessees
  • Evidence of deceased persons
  • Generating of prescripts for payments for grave places and evidence of cash, card or bank transfer payments
  • Generating proofs of sales of other services and their payments
  • Making orders of funerals including related documents