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Assets management

We offer a complex solution for filing and inventarisation of all Your assets based on a clear indentification of each item via RFID chip. This solution offers a quick, accurate and conclusive inventarisation of company assets.

About the systemconfidex čip

The inventarisation is administered using hand-held OS Android terminals that employees use to quickly read all assets labeled with RFID transponders. This solution enables You to read tens of individual chips per second from a distance up to several meters and even through some types of obstacles. This helps mainly during stock taking of considerable amounts of assets or for instance when you need to check folders inside of cabinets. confidex2

The inventory outcomes are than sent into the information system using the main network for processing. The standarized solution is connecting the hand-held terminals to an ERP system Helios iNuvio, but it is possible to connect it to a different system (e.g. SAP or Microsoft Dynamics) based on a customer demand. 

Main system functionalities

• Accurate identification of each item via UHF transponder. In case of interest it is possibble to combine this solution with barcodes.chainway

• Downloading stocktaking lists from the company information system

• Quick, accurate and conclusive stock-taking by reading UHF transponders

• Assigning chips to newly acquired assets

• Solving problems with matching the stocktaking lists to reality – e.g. differences in location or employee, where the assest should be and where they have been listed

• Sending the stocktaking lists and results back into the information system