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Information system for laundries and drycleaners


LIN is complex infomation system and is integral part of comprehensive solution for RFID laundry identification. LIN provides effective instrument for complex management of laundry processes from receipt of laundry, over laundry washing to distribution.

About system

This information system was created made-to-measure for customer needs. LIN is meant in the first place for laundries and drycleaners, including hospital operations, and is constantly supplemented by other functionalities. A lot of practical experiences were contained in IS LIN and that´s why LIN is the system whoch reflects needs of such facilities. LIN is primarily developed in Czech language but currently also exist English, German, Slovak and Polish localizations. System is fully modular, it´s "heart" is database running on SQL server and main administrative modul "BackOffice". Thanks to modular structure of the system can user use only moduls which are currently needed. And there is at the same time possibility of variable development of the system in the future by adding any other needed moduls.

Main functionalities of the system

  • commision tracking - from receipt to the laundry, over laundry washing to distribution
  • detail information about laundry
  • individual pricing for particular customers
  • regular orders with possibility of editation
  • one-time orders
  • online orders
  • evidence of laundry quantity - according to weight or number
  • invoicing according to washed laundry (delivery notes)
  • collective delivery notes, invoice printing (including receipt cards)
  • evidence of boxes for personal labelled cloth
  • evidence of handling machines (cages, containers etc.)
  • commission, customer or employees etc. statistics
  • possibility of data export to other accounting programs and economic systems or to MS Excel

Main moduls

Modul BackOffice - basic administrative modul for defining of dials for customers, price lists, types of laundry, owners of the laundry etc. and for statistics or invoicing. This modul is assigned for supervisors. For access is possible with user name and pasword which is not necessary by other moduls, because every user have access only to that parts of the system which are necessary for his work.

Modul Laundry Receipt - this modul can be unattended like service running on server. Laundry labelled by transponders is read in this modul and therethrough is manual counting no longer needed. Main benefits are increasing of speed and precision.

Modul Laundry Repair - evidence of every repair or elimination of laundry.

Modul Distribution - is used for distrubution to particular customer, works with un/labelled laundry.

Modul Laundry Classifying - is used for classifying laundry into the system with unique UID number.

Modul for evidence of crates and other handling machines - is used for laundry tracking by handling machines between laundry and customer. Using condition is labelling of handling machines by RFID trabsponders or QR codes. Main benefit is precise and reliable evidence.

LINliteLIN lite - limited version of IS LIN

SW product LIN lite is limited version of information system LIN. This product is assigned for smaller laundries or drycleaners. Extent of license is limited by number of distributed laundry.

Variants of LINlite:

LINlite 10 ..... up to 10 tons or 20.000 pcs / month

LINlite 15 ..... up to 15 tons or 30.000 pcs / month

LINlite 30 ..... up to 30 tons or 60.000 pcs / month

LINlite 60 ..... up to 60 tons or 120.000 pcs / month

Accessible moduls: BackOffice, invoice transfer to accounting SW, invoices in foreign currency, laundry lending, statistics of unlabelled laundry, modul for detail tracking of unlabelled laundry, Receipt and Distribution

Main benefits

  • information system for laundries is fully modular
  • intuitive fast and easy use thanks to optimalization for touchscreen operating
  • SQL database enables well arranged and safety data organization and easy back up
  • settings of important parameters in main modul BackOffice
  • customized configurations of the system are possible after agreement