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IS/IT security

We´re ready to prepare complete suggestion of security solution for your information system. Our experts elaborate security studies, risk analysis, penetration tests and security audits - all of that individually according to your needs.

We provide:

Antiviral protection which provides local security of computer from internet attacks on applications, data, personal firewall etc.
Protection of e-mail boxes from sprading damaging code, spam messages, adds etc.
Backup programs for central backup, processes of data synchronization etc.
Secure VPN channel for data transfer.
Access management of intranet users to Internet (restriction of adds, pornography or reporting of unusual work of users).
Autentization and autorization functions for RSA two-factor autorization technology.
Lowering the risk of personal identity misusage or probability of criminal activity formation in connection with leak of confidental information and irretrievable loss of data.

 Antiviral protectionESET

Our company is business partner of global antiviral protection provider ESET.
Antiviral software is essential part of programme equipment. Computers are part of almost every branch and it´s necessary to protect information and data from nowadays sofisticated threats. The only reliable solution is complex protection of the system which protects from risks and doesn´t take too much power from computer.
We offer f.e. ESET Smart Security solution which is used by over 70 bilion users all over the world.

Penetration tests

After installation of all security programs your IT network seems to be safe. To be really sure we offer you expert realization of penetration test which imitates the attack. It´s possible to choose from different types of test. 
There are two fundamental types of tests: external (which imitates the attack from Interent or any other external environment), internal (which comes from intranet).
The range of the test can be also set according to "depth" of control. It´s possible to only find vulnerable places of the system as well as to propose some protection arrangements for these places. We can provide "safe" tests wich don´t affect the system or tests which really try the vulnerability of the system out but with the risk of server/application collapse.
Dividing according to knowledge extent before the test or level of cooperation with customer:
  • penetration test with limited knowledge - similar to real attack
  • penetration test with complete knowledge - with knowledge of the environment (topology, application, security, tested users etc.)
  • hidden test - employees are not informed about the test, only the security management etc.
  • cooperative test - runs in cooperation with employees

Application tests

After implementation of new application is proper to test it. Application test is usually made from intranet and aim is to secure the application. 

Tests of wireless networks

Wireless networks represents security risk for the whole system because their secure is often forgotten. For this type of network exists special test similar to external penetration test however is obviously made from intranet.