Hosting Services

Company DataExpert s.r.o. offers you a wide range of „hosting“ and other related services.

Electronic communication is a today reality; Internet and e-mail plays an irreplaceable role in the exchange of information. Most people now seek the necessary information and contacts on the Internet, therefore, any company can no longer exist in practice without well-prepared web pages and e-mail box.
Only your quality presentation on the Internet will ensure that customer will interest in your service more than in service of your competitors.

Take advantage of modern technology to the maximum. Present your company around the world and communicate actively.

Web hosting, Mail hosting, Server hosting


We offer the operation of your website, e-mail server or other application servers on our hardware resources in a data center with sufficient Internet connectivity, which will provide fast, reliable and safe operation of required services and herewith capacity release of your own equipment.

We provide you a complete e-mail service for all users of your company. We operate mail servers for individuals and companies.

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Groupware systems


Groupware systems are designed for companies that need to effectively solve the group activities such as planning of shared resources (conference rooms, company cars, etc.), sharing work calendars of colleagues, workflow of electronic documents, ... In conjunction with the postal systems is then achieved maximum use of work time of workers who simply can exchange information and to use them in group activities (meetings, business trips, approval processes).

We offer both e-mail clients Microsoft Outlook and free-mail systems. Secure remote access from outside the corporate network allowing mobile workers to be kept on-line. Everything can be realized through the service, ie. without necessity of your capital expenditure.

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Other services

Registration and operations of domains

We will register for you any second- or third-level domain with a guarantee of expiration date monitoring.

Web presentations creation

We will create a web presentation according to your requirements using the latest programming methods. Back to home

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