Data Networks

One of the bearing areas of the company DataExpert s.r.o. is the designing, projection, analysis, implementation and management of data networks.

Data network is a summary of technical means to implement the connection and exchange of information between computers. Thereby enabling users to communicate with each other according to certain rules in order to share and use the shared resources or the exchange of messages.

We provide projection, implementation, certification and engineering of data networks (LAN, MAN, WAN) from the preparation of construction projects through building of metallic and optical paths, equipping of network with the necessary active elements, to their analysis.

We are able to interconnect the individual sites, to implement remote access via optical fibers, metallic connections, high-speed leased lines, wireless connections or encrypted connections through the Internet.

We offer a complete operation and management of networks realized.

Connect all your employees, users, computers and electronic equipment among themselves, so that they may communicate and share information.

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