Nowadays, modern libraries provide their customers more services than just borrowing of books. In order to increase the comfort of services, it is necessary to solve the requirements of customers as individually as possible. However, demands primarily on the utilization of library staff increase..

The solution consists in the implementation of modern means to achieve the highest possible degree of automation of common routine processes.

Librarians need new advanced tools for their work.

With chip identification of books the normal routine activities in the library (filing, sorting, searching, borrows or ranging) will speed up, automate and streamline very much. The whole process becomes very clear and precise. Librarians can devote more time to meet individual requirements of their borrowers. RFID technology -chip identification of books helps to reliably protect the inventory of the library while providing the public the maximum level of use.


For RFID identification project implementation in libraries we use systems of a reputable manufacturer - company 3M.

The main benefits of RFID system deploying in the library

  • Quick and up-to-date overview of the library collection state, a simple inventory
  • Acceleration of service for borrowers - happier customers and staff of the library
  • Increase of productivity of borrowing and returning of library materials, the possibility of self-service operation
  • Simultaneous reading of the whole stack of books
  • Quick and easy transition from barcode to RFID technology
  • Saving time of employees in the handling of items, more time for the individual requirements of borrowers
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Advantages of RFID technology compared to bar code labelling

  • RFID tag may not be placed on the packaging as in the case of bar code
  • Significant limitation of wear and damage
  • Faster loading of RFID tag - a precise directions of scanner to barcode is not necessary
  • The possibility of reading several items at once
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