DataExpert s.r.o. is the certified Prefered Partner of the Swiss company DATAMARS SA for the Czech and Slovak market. Company DATAMARS SA is a global leader in textile chips and develops and distributes this technology more than twenty years.

Chip identification of textile in laundries is one of the most advanced applications for the use of RFID technology.

Textile chip marking streamlines logistics of laundries

Datamars Certified Partner

The application allows easy and very accurate tracking of textile, finding and removing of critical points in the process of washing, significant reduction of loss laundry (up to 80%) and thus the very rapid return on investment invested in system (2-3 years). With regard to the reliability of identification the possibility of human error significantly reduces compared to manual entry and copying.

We provide development and a complete implementation of applications for identification of personal clothes and bed linen for hospitals of all categories. Just hospital laundries are the biggest and herewith the most demanding laundries in the market. There are high demands for chip resistance to the aggressive manner of washing at high temperatures, for sanitary safety and the highest possible degree of automation of the whole process of infectious textile washing without manual service.

The main benefits of implementation of hospital textile identification

Unique textile identification
  • Evidence and optimizing the laundry movement and associated costs
Reduction of textile loss
  • up to 80% (c. 60% in the first year of system launching) and precise determination of location where the laundry is mostly disappeared
  • Minimizing unused reserves of textiles on departments and therefore the necessary storage space, reducing the risk of thefts
  • Flexibility of laundry delivery to the customer
  • Evidence of damage depending on the laundry customer, customer anonymity revocation, possible recovery.
  • Increase of productivity by reducing disputes between the customer and the laundry
  • Linen quality control according to suppliers and supplies, managing relationships with suppliers.
  • Easier to evaluate the cost of washing and repairing of textiles
Quick return of investment (2-3 years)
  • Simple servicing, the possibility of immediate outputs from the system
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