IS/IT Security

We are ready to prepare a complete proposal of security solution of your corporate information security system. Our experts will process for you safety studies, risk analysis, penetration tests and security audits, all always quite individually according to your specific needs.


We provide:

Virus protection providing a local security of a computer station (PC, notebook) from online attacks on applications and data, personal firewalls, software for recording to CD/DVD

Mailboxes protection from the spread of harmful code, against receiving of unsolicited messages - spams, advertising (antiSPAM) and against social engineering techniques to minimize information leakage.

Backup programs for a central backup and replication processes to synchronize data on meetings, deadlines and received messages, providing protection against loss of the data.

Secure VPN channel setting up for information transmission through the untrusted environment of Internet, WiFi, CDMA, …

Access Control of internal network users to the information on the Internet (advertising restrictions, dissemination of pornography, reports on unusual work of users).

Authentication and authorization features on technology of RSA two-factor authorization

Reducing of the risk of user identity misuse to disguise automated Internet attacks and reduce the possibility of criminal activity associated with the release of confidential information and loss of the data.

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Virus Protection

We own „Bronze Partner“ certificate of the world´s leading producer of antivirus programs, the company ESET.

Antivirus software is a necessary part of computer software facility for many years. With the growing number of computer data and computers extending to all sectors, it is necessary to protect critical data and information from today´s sophisticated threats in the form of malicious software and spam to avoid damage, theft or misuse. The only reliable solution is a comprehensive system protection that protects computers from viruses and attacks from the network, while reducing amount of junk mail. This creates a safe environment in which these risks are reliably minimized. Antivirus software must also be easy to use and adjustable to the needs and also may not „decrease“ the computer power.

We supply ESET Smart Security solution, which use more than 70 million customers across the world.

  • Built-in firewall protects you against attacks from the Internet. The encrypted communication (SSL, HTTPS, POP3S) and transmitted „wrapped“ files (ZIP, RAR and others) are newly controlled. In addition, the firewall will recognise how you use the computer, and sets the safety rules accordingly.
  • Improved spam filter. Popular mail programs Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird are also supported in addition to Microsoft Outlook.
  • More and more malicious codes try to disable security programs running. ESET Smart Security can successfully resist these attempts.
  • Your computer will remain speed, the program does not decrease the computer power.
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Penetration Testing

After installation of al the necessary safety programs your computer network seems to be safe.

To be really confident, we offer proffesional penetration testing, which simulates an attack of real attacker. You can make different variations of the test under different set of parameters (where the test is conducted, how close the attack the test is conducted, ...) and also according to the level of cooperation with the staff of the customer. You can also order the test focused only on the specific system or application.

It is possible to perform two basic types of tests. The most common is an external penetration test, which simulates the attack from the Internet or other external environment. But nowadays, a large number of dangerous attacks comes from the internal network and therefore it is recommended to carry out internal penetration test from the internal network of the customer.

The test range can also be set according to its complexity, respectively, according to the "depth" of control. It is possible only to search potential vulnerabilities in the system without next solutions or a comprehensive set of measures can be proposed to eliminate these "weak points".

It is possible to carry out either "safe" tests, ie those, which is known as not to disturb the functionality of the system, or you can actually test the real vulnerability of the system with the risk of server or application collapsing.

In the case of existence of vulnerabilities it is possible to try to penetrate the internal network or to data determined for applications. It is also possible to try to obtain the user or the administrator rights. After penetration into the internal network can either terminate the test or continue in the examination of internal systems.

Dividing according to level of knowledge before starting the test or to the degree of cooperation with the orderer

  • Penetration test with limited knowledge - similar to a real attack
  • Penetration test with full knowledge - the knowledge of the environment (topology, applications, security, test users, ...)
  • Hidden test - customer staff is not informed; only the manager, safety manager, etc. know about the test
  • Cooperative test - cooperation with staff
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Application Tests

After the setting of new application or its new version, the application test should be carried out. Usually it is performed from the internal network. The aim is to check up the specific application security. This test is carried out either on the recommendation of the previous general test or at the request of the verification of new applications. Most frequently it is performed for web applications.

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Wireless Networks Tests

Now widely used wireless networks pose a safety risk to the entire system, because their adequate security is very often forgotten. A special test similar to an external test is determined for these networks, but of course, is carried out locally and the aim is to verify the sufficient level of security for wireless networks.

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