Internet Connection

Company DataExpert s.r.o. provides services to connect to the Internet as a business partner of Telco Pro Services, a.s. and Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., both throughout the region and throughout the Czech Republic.

  • wireless, synchronous technology in the bands 5.4 and 10 GHz
  • connection speed is optional according to customer's needs ranging from 2 Mbps až to 10 Gbps
  • transmission aggregation 1:1 (download : upload), symetric connection without sharing among other users
  • guaranteed SLA quality
  • radio visibility survey free
  • availability throughout the Czech Republic
  • additional server services (webhosting, mailhosting, serverhosting, …)

Connect the data networks of branches and buildings of your company cheaply and safely. Make a quick and permanent access to global information. Communicate without limitation on-line with your customers, partners and suppliers.

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