Desktop HW and SW

Computer equipment is an integral part of life today. Quality equipment ensures smooth operation, customer satisfaction and further development of your company.


Currently the market offers a vast amount of hardware devices and software applications and programs for personnel working with PC. The offer is very wide and for the "nonspecialist" is rather untransparent. It is still difficult to select the right combination suitable for your needs and your way of working; a concurrence of multiple applications on one computer, etc. may be a problem.

We can teach you the maximum use of all opportunities that today's computer equipment can offer. We will help you with creating of configuration just for you.


is designed for end users and includes equipment of a computer workstation (PC, laptop, PDA) for everyday work in business, office or home environment. PCs are offered in various standards that enable unified management and access to computer equipment and thus a rapid response to potential failures.
We offer supplies of PC products HP, IBM, Trilline, notebooks HP, Dell, IBM, Asus, PDA HP, Psion, Symbol for managers, but also technology PDA for technicians working in the terrain, warehouses or aggressive environments.


is designed for end users and includes equipment of workstations (PC, notebook) with common as well as special office applications. We offer operating systems, text editors, table editors, viewers of different types of files, graphics programs, compilers.
Offered technical equipment is thoroughly tested for hardware and software compatibility with other offered products prior to its inclusion in the standardization catalog.

We offer supplies of software: sale, installation, configuration of operating systems, office applications and systems - MS Windows (XP, Vista, MS Server 2003, 2008, MS SQL 2000, 2005), Linux RedHat, Slackware, SuSe, MS Office, Star Office , Adobe (Acrobat, Reader, Photoshop), Corel, PC Translator, and many others.

We offer supplies of accessories and peripherals such as printers, scanners, fax machines and multifunction devices: products and expendable supplies of HP, Xerox, Epson ...

We also supply other accessories, which enable such features as input data to a PC (keyboard, mouse, RFID readers, bar code, ...), allows you to connect external data storage (USB drives, card readers, ...), allowing present ( data projectors, smartboards, ...), can help protect PCs against power outages (APC UPS) and expand the use of workstations (docking station, web cameras, microphones, backup drives, ...) We offer sale, rental, installation and configuration of UPS devices.

We offer RFID and barcodes readers of DATAMARS, Metrologic, Psion, t+t netcom.

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