Asset Administration

We offer you a comprehensive solution for recording and inventory of all assets.

Today one of the obvious requirements of any modern society is to have an overview of all company's assets and ensure regular, accurate and easy state update with the lowest possible cost. Company's assets are mostly machinery, appliances and technology devices used to manufacture products, computing and other IT equipment, and last but not least furniture and other office equipment.

In cooperation with our foreign partners - DATAMARS SA and t+t netcomwe provide a comprehensive system of identification that combines the technology of barcodes and RFID chips, which allows fast and accurate assets inventory in your company. For different types of assets we will propose the most appropriate method of identification; bar code labeling and RFID chips can be successfully combined.

Where it is appropriate to use the bar code identification

Bar code is an appropriate and cost-optimal solution for the identification of mostly office property, IT equipment and other small assets, which is predominantly located in the current interior and is not exposed to high pollution, moisture, extreme temperatures or the threat of easy mechanical damage.

Bar code is printed on a special printer on adhesive tape at a resolution of 300 dpi and is covered with polyesterthermo transfer tape to protect against damage.

carovy_kod_1.jpg Advantages:
  • Very low cost of barcode label
  • Speed reading of bar code
  • Unique identification
  • Small space requirements on the location of the label
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interferences
  • Low resistance to unfavorable environment effects
  • Wear and tear of label in time and thus the degradation of reading quality
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Where is better to use RFID identification

RFID chip identifying is the appropriate solution wherever the monitored commodity is subject to various unfavorable environmental effects.That may be the extreme temperatures (-40 ° C to +120 ° C), pressure (up to 50 bar), humidity, presence of water, excessive dust, splashing color, exposure to aggressive chemicals, the possibility of mechanical damage or contamination.

For such cases we offer a special transponder (chip + antenna in the protective case) with the designation T-IA7711 „TrolleyChip“ (working on high-frequency 13.56 MHz), developed by company DATAMARS SA specifically for these demanding applications.

rfid.jpg Advantages:
  • The uniqueness of the identification number secured by the manufacturer
  • The direct visibility of transponder is not necessary
  • Very high resistance to pollution while maintaining full functionality
  • Resistance against water and humidity while maintaining full functionality
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures (-40 ° C to +120 ° C) while maintaining full functionality
  • Higher cost of transponder
  • Susceptibility to electromagnetic field interference
  • Higher space requirements on the location of the transponder
  • A more complex way of transponder attachment
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