About our company

About company

Company DataExpert s.r.o. was founded in 2006 by the only owner, with one hundred percent Czech capital.

It´s foundation was closely connected with a turning point of ČEZ Group´s strategy in IS/IT area, or more precisely, with a change of customer tendency of company ČEZData, s.r.o..

Company´s most significant products include:

  • IS Helios Orange - implementation, consulting, training
  • RFID technology - chip identification
  • Internet services (ASP), hosting services
  • IS/IT infrastructure (HW and SW, projection and implementation of data networks
  • Attendance, access and catering systems
  • IS/IT security (risk analysis, penetration tests, safety audits)
  • Bookkeeping and wages processing, tax consulting
Since the beginning the selection of systems was realized to meet the customer needs in modular arrangement to the nines and to optimize their costs of IT area. Subsequently company has extended the systems delivery to superstructure services such as above standard support, tax consulting, accounts keeping, wages processing etc. The company presently provides its services to more than 100 customers with various product orientation. The company´s customers mainly recruit from the sphere of manufactural and technological companies in the Czech Republic.

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